So you want to work in France…

Perhaps your non-EU country lacks l’apéritif, baguettes, rosé or roquefort. Maybe you love hacking your Rs and nasalizing your vowels. It doesn’t matter! Whatever be your reason for wanting to work and live in France, know that Avec Papiers in Paris is here to advise and assist.

moi in the 75cube with some sans-papiers

moi in the 75cube with a wall of sans-papiers

As non-EU citizens, working in France is a feat: we are required to have a work permit and are reliant on our employer to obtain this. Here are the basic steps.. 123 go!!:

1. Find a job with a French employer for at least a one year contract: you will not be granted a work permit for any contract whose length is less than 1 year

2. Apply for your work permit with the DDTEFP (more on this acronym later…basically, the French Minister of Labor)

3. Your work permit gets accepted (hopefully!! )and you get a long-stay visa from the French embassy or consulate in your non-EU country

4. Come to France!

5. Apply for your residence permit and…. work!!!


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Avec Papiers en lutte

Stay tuned for helpful information and resources on how to find a job and deal with the French government as a non-EU citizen in France!

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